Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) offerings from CJS Technology Ltd.

Bluetooth Low Energy is a new wireless communication technology optimised for ultra-low power operation.  BLE can be used to send data between devices with a fraction of the power budget previously needed.  Most new smart phones support BLE with Apple adding the additional iBeacon system for location and advertising.

We can supply BLE Beacons that can be customised in their operation.  These can act as iBeacons or operate as application-specific devices.  They can be powered from an external source or a CR2016 battery (making them less than 3mm thick).  A higher-capacity CR2032 battery is standard.

The beacons have an optional LED and digital I/O.

We have experience in programming the beacons, integrating BLE into existing electronics designs and building smart phone apps to take advantage of this exciting new technology.




BLE Beacon Dimensions:

31mm x 26mm x 5mm (CR2032 version)

We can undertake custom programming and set-up of beacons.  We can also design BLE circuitry for custom applications and advise on integrating BLE into your new or existing project.  Call us to discuss.


Beacons are available today.  £25.00 each for low quantities.  Contact us for quantity pricing.