CJS Technology is a dedicated team of engineers able to deliver software, hardware and database solutions.  Experienced in a wide area including bespoke production data systems, power management, concessionary transport systems and smart exhibition equipment, the main focus of our developments is centred around RFID (smart cards), NFC (mobile phone based transactions) and the new and exciting field of Bluetooth low energy.  In particular we have gained a great deal of knowledge in incorporating these technologies into low-consumption communication devices which have been put to use in areas as diverse as environmental recording and programmable smart tags. Our range of RFID smart card readers is designed and manufactured here in the UK.  This gives us the flexibility to modify our designs to your requirements, whether that involves changing the housing or the functionality of the reader itself.  For example, we have readers capable of extracting information from a card, taking the decision whether to grant access to the card-holder, and then storing the transaction information and uploading it to the back office when required. We strive to deliver the best solution possible and this has led us to develop in a diverse range of environments including embedded C, Dot-NET, Java and Java card, and on a variety of platforms such as PCs, Apple and Android Phones, Microcontrollers and SIM cards.  This complete-solution ability, combined with our close working relationship with our sister company, Draycote Technology Ltd, allows us to design and manufacture prototypes extremely rapidly to help reduce the time-to-market. Whether it’s our own RFID smart card equipment or your own bespoke NFC and Bluetooth low energy designs, we have the knowledge, experience and drive to deliver quick, reliable and robust solutions. If you think we can help, in any capacity, with your planned development, please do not hesitate to contact us.