Practical Cryptography is what we call our approach to authenticating and securing our customers’ data and communications.  We select the most appropriate open standardised peer-reviewed cryptography systems and apply them to the problem in the most practical way.

We have deployed projects utilising RSA, AES, and 3DES on various platforms including PC, Java Card, Android, and various embedded CPUs.  Some Examples:
Utilising the built-in AES hardware on a embedded processor (Atmel XMEGA) to create and check a Message Authentication Code (MAC) on data transmitted over Bluetooth.
Building Mutual Authentication algorithms into our own Contactless Card Readers so they can operate independently of a PC.
Designing and implementing an end-to-end public key encryption system for Over The Air (OTA) updates to mobile phone SIM applications.
If your project needs strong crypto, get in touch and find out how we can help you.