The MT850-M is a unique device.  It is the only Android Accessory that is both a contactless card reader and a NFC tag emulator.  Providing power and communications to your Android tablet, the MT850-M can read any ISO14443 based smart card (including all NFC tags and contactless Mastercard).  In addition, the MT850-M can emulate a type 4 NFC Tag!  Your Android app can deliver and receive content to and from any NFC enabled device.
An interface library is provided to integrate the communications into your own Android app.
Applications include Payment and Information Kiosks and Point of Sale displays.
Small, easy to integrate into your design.
Push notifications on tag read
Dimensions: 88x60mm. 4 mounting holes.
Single 5v power supply – you may be able to use your existing Android device’s power supply.
Customisable firmware – contact us for more details.